Who is Ludovic Goubet ?


Born in Rueil Malmaison.
Children in Villiers le Bel.
Spends his time listening to Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart.
Juvenile offender.
Received his first musical instrument, a darbuka, the hands of an Algerian.
Moved to Bougival.
Drugs, well known to police services ...
Left school at 15 with a 165-Q.I.
3 weeks of learning in the kitchen of a restaurant 4 stars (it was eating pigs' feet, j'me'm broke).
Drugs, becomes likely familiar with the inspector ...
Military obligation, discovered LSD in the barracks of Orleans.
Military prison, discovers friendship.
The keel, re-drugs.


The inspector gets too familiar, first trip to Martinique.
View sinsemilla, rum, zouc, love black ...
Back in France, re-drug, descent into hell.
Meeting a soul mate, Detox, Love, all at Uzès ...
No separation with a soul mate.


View Jazz by performing an Interview with Herbie Hancock.
DJ for Radio 5 in Montpellier, Interview with:
Léo Ferré, Serge Reggiani, Lenny Escudero, Claude Challe, Bill Deraime, Bernard Lavillier.


Back in Paris. Found a soulmate.
Jazz concert organization in Paris suburbs with Kenny Clark, Steve Lacy, Ultramarine.
Attempt to create "Pulsion", a magazine for Jazz.
Interviews with Jaco Pastorius, Philip Catherine, Art Blakey, Steve Lacy, Gerard Terrones, Albert Collins, Sun Ra, Mal Waldron,
Lookwood Didier, Charles "lolo" Bellonzi, Pierre Michelot, Christian Vander.
Meets Miles Davis.
Failure of the magazine. Bankruptcy.


Travel to Martinique with a soulmate.
Lands a job as a windsurf instructor in a luxury hotel.
Learns to make windsurfing ...
Separation No. 2 with a soulmate.
Depression in the tropics.
Meeting with the soul brother.
Back in Paris, where a soul mate waiting on the platform of the Gare du Nord. Great fiery fucked to Lelouch.
Get her second musical instrument, a flute, from the hands of another Algerian.
Worked in the field of Jazz, among others.
New Morning, Paris Jazz Festival, and as assistant manager for the legendary tour of Ornette Coleman and Prime Time Band.
Final separation from the soul mate.


Street musicians in Paris and Spain.
Bach studied with Maria Pilar Cabrera (concert organist of the Court of Spain).
Lives in Marbella, Andalusia.
Pilar gives a concert in the church of Nuestra Senora de la Incarnation, in front of 400 dignitaries of Spanish society, piss in his froque, forget the score and plays only a quarter of what was planned. The officials there saw that the fire ...
Returns to street music.
Receives his third musical instrument from the hands of a gypsy, an alto saxophone from Selmer silver plated.
This is the beginning of a great love story.
Took over the management the restaurant "El Viejo Pozzo", turns it into jazz club.
Form the group "Pulsion" (jazz rock) with musicians of Flamenco.


Part to the Canary Islands.
Meeting with Capt. Ralph, marine debonair New Zealand.
Embarked aboard Annastasia, 45ft Ketch.
Learning English and navigating the same time.
Set sail for the Atlantic crossing November 29, 1985 with two other novices of Mexican origin who do not speak English or French ...
Arrived at Fort de France, Martinique, for the third time, December 22, 1985.
Occurs every night club "The Artist" Fort de France, with a free jazz trio composed of musicians from Biguine. Fortunately, the rum is very strong.
Invited by the revolutionary movement of Caribbean culture, it's no joke!.
He participates in the squatting of a former hospital and its transformation into a school of Creole music.
Learn Creole music listening play the master flutist Max Cilla.
Meet Liliana, encounter with beauty.
3-month stay in a house spitiuelle Buddhist.
Illuminated, is a ballad in the street half naked, spreading the good news.
Macrobiotisme, Shiatsu, Universal Love, Love in Several ...
Returns to earth in May 86.
Meet George Duboeuf, for ex-Capt Herbert Van Karajan.
Boarded by four other Maripier 57 ft ketch built by Swan suede.
The most beautiful ship in the world, the most megalomaniac of the Captains.
After one month of Yes Sir No Sir, exchange of boat in the Azores.
Meet Francis, Algerian from Marseille, and the 22ft boat that carries it in Spain.
Crosses the Atlantic solely by smoking sinsemilla.
Learned the relativity of life for three days in mid-ocean, without wind or motor.
Aground on a beach near Cadiz in Andalusia.
Decided to stop sailing for some time.
Back to Marbella.


Meet the beautiful American in Marbella.
Marriage in Gibraltar.
Left for Alabama, creating family Goubet.
Creation of the group
"Ludovic and the Indoor Samba Picnic, all live review" (African Jazz) with 17 rock musicians and three ballet dancers.
Plays at Cafe Brasil during the jazz festival in New Orleans.
Play the Inauguration of "Metropolis" (French restaurant) in Taichung on the island of Taiwan.
Remaining three months in Taiwan at the invitation of Mr Lee. View the massage and the complete submission of women. Breaks disgusted.
Back to U.S..
Family life. Frannie work, Ludo remains at home to care for her daughter Michelle.
Played the drums in accompaniment to the modern dancer "Pixie Alexander"
Pizza book and used it to découvrire the different levels of American life.


Birth of Katherine.


Purchases by serendipity of circumstance, THE chukker, the oldest club in Alabama (1956) and most famous. Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones have played within its walls. www.thechukker.com
Begins an incredible adventure that will last 10 years.
Organizes concerts with among others:
Sublime, the Addicts, Dick Dale, Richard Thomson, Sun Ra, Larry Corryel, Eddie Harris, Man or astroman, the Woggles, The Lyres, Girl's troubles,
Jimmy Carl Black and Michael Connelly (former Zappa's), The Hellacopters, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Red Rodney, Junior kimbrought,
Clarence "Gathemouth" Brown, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Kenny Neal, Charmaine Neville, Southern Comfort on the Skid, The Penetrators
and the amazing Johnny Shine, who was the traveling companion of Robert Johnson.


Takes flying lessons in a Cessna 152.


Realizes that the address of the Chukker is 6 st 2121 and that it is open since 1956.
2 +1 = 3 X 2 equal 6. This gives us 666.
Becomes very rich, very stupid, very alcoholic.


Descent into hell.
Becomes Misanthrope.
Insult the Americans.
Joined a group of Vietnam veterans motorcycle.
Starts to drink the "moon-shine".
Falls into a coma.


Meeting your soul mate 2.
Discovered the pleasure of snapping some money ...
View the Sushi, Wasabi, the Jet Set.
Becomes megalomaniac, arrogant, tyrannical.
Is beaten up by his wife to New Orleans.
"J did not see it coming, she found me in a strip club Bourbon Street at 3 o'clock in the morning,
a girl on her lap, full of coke nose.
J walked across the room without touching the ground and with the encouragement of the public.
I woke up with a few bruises.
She asked me to make a choice ".
Detox or Basta!


Chukker has a gift of its employees.
Moved to Augusta, Georgia.


Will take love for photography because of his wife who became his model.
EDUN Art Gallery opening in Augusta.
Exposure to erotica.
Rejection of the whole community Baptiste.


Moved to Charleston, South Carolina.
Only pictures of P.


Creating Seatrek Seven, an adventure and an interactive educational site.
Exploring life on earth at the beginning of the millennium, following the adventures of Ludo and P.


Expedition begins in Seabrook, Texas.
Crossing the south coast of the United States aboard "Evening Star" 43ft Lord Nelson, by borrowing the Intercostal Waterway.
Arrives in Key West, Florida.
Separation of "Evening Star".
P is a massage in the street while Ludo plays Kalimba.
Purchase "Touch of Grey" 19ft sloop.
P M encounter and fled to Cuba...


Divorce has the American.
Attempted suicide by injection of rum.
Loss of thirty pounds in two weeks.
Loss of any material.
Back in France.
Lives with her sister and her family for 6 months.
They saved my life ...
Meet Jocelyne, who invited to share his home on Tillieres Avre.
Jocelyne is a courageous woman, 79% COTOREP and working hard every day.
His example and gentle wake Ludovic.
Becomes pro photographer.
Meet Sabrina découvrire which makes the underground world of Paris.
SM, Libertine, Goth, Tattoo, Piercing.
Has traveled at night and meeting Demonia Mistress Morrigan.


Morrigan visit Ludovic Tillieres on Avre 44em for his birthday.
With Wilfried.
Ludovic discovers the pain of being loved.
The SM.
Exploration of the SM through the Night elastic, begins a story on "The Neighbors"
Libertinism, SM, Shemale, Fetish.
Organizes parties at the Domaine de Tillieres Avre on characters who gathered most of the world invested SM Parisians.
Publis 10 photos for book cover American SM.
Publish in Interconexcion, The tribune of the Libertines, The book "Naked"
Happening on Dorcel TV 2 times
Meeting of a personality who encouraged French étucation financially.
Product exposure in the high places of the world SM Parisien "Demonia"
Encouragement from Christopher Mouthe.
Hello Ludovic Your site is a reflection of your life I have traveled. This life very "mixed" is reflected in your images and multiple universes charged experiences. Your lights are beautiful and your images full set of _expression with an eye already very successful. It is difficult for me to judge, I have no right But your work is unique and there are things happening. It exists in a world that is yours. I speak of creative work that is part of the story is Demonia. So humble opinion. See you at random for an evening.
Christophe Mourthé
Lawrence Bhounik meeting, filmmaker: Zonzon, Select Hotel.
"I went through your various galleries with great pleasure and curiosity never disappointed. Thank you for sharing with us your talent that says every photo and your passion for women is revealed so magnificently in front of your lens. I will not forget to mention if striking this photo of two couples kissing, a raw and disturbing beauty. Friendly."
Laurent Bouhnik.
Lawrence is playing Ludo in a film with Daniel Auteuil and suggests various artistic colaborations.
Contact is by Dian Hanson (Taschen Edition) for the project from the book:
Erotic photography Now!
The world Best Contemporary Erotic Photographer!
Went to the Night Demonia 05/06
Meet Anne
My sister had predicted a 24 year old woman, gentle and simple !


Moved to Paris, Chez Anne.
Mixture of "I love you me either" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"
Complete failure of a relationship that's yet aurrait be magical ...
Ludovic is receullie by Mistress Cathy with whom he stayed for 3 weeks.
Hard SM photography sessions.
Depressed by Anne separation and stress of the world SM returned to live in Normandy.


Out of the Book to TASCHEN edition
"The New Erotic Photography"