I am currently working on a documentary photographic and literary movement devoted to libertine, SM and fetish. This book, which will be called "The Neighbors", demands from you an active collaboration. Each of the participants (couples and singles) will indeed an entire page at its disposal to express his idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlibertinism. It is not to write an essay, it goes without saying. But to write your words with your way of loving.

Your cooperation is not only valuable, it's free. I also thank in advance all the women and men whose stories enrich this collective work. In exchange for your participation, you will receive:

You can also use the pictures as you like on your personal website or on any other website, provided of course to include my copyright and link to my gallery.

Whenever possible, I want to photograph you in your usual environment, so as to bring an original touch to the treatment of the subject. If this proves difficult, however, I can receive up to three couples simultaneously in my house of Evreux (27), weekdays or weekends, at your convenience.

It goes without saying that you will have no obligation to put in situations or in an environment that does not suit you. I only expect that what you give and receive love without limits or constraints. The sessions are conducted in a natural and relaxed. I usually take three sets of 100 photos. In order:

I would add that you can if you want to protect your anonymity by wearing a mask, birthmarks and tattoos that can in turn be easily erased on the computer if you ask. I will nevertheless be obliged to verify the age of anyone appearing under 18. Naturally, a contract will be signed prior to any distribution of photo. Under this contract, you will recognize that the photos will be and / or may be:

You will have the guarantee that no photo will be exhibited or published without your consent. I would add that if one of the photos you seemed too revealing, I retoucherais satisfactorily for you. I hope that answers all your questions. For more information, please contact directly at me calling 06 86 61 33 66.